Erm, what is FYP and how do I go about doing it?

Well, hopefully by the end of it you would be able to decipher the madness in our methods!

So, you are dying to know what this Final Year Project that all your seniors have gone through? You have heard what it’s like from other students? Hopefully, they haven’t given you the wrong impression. Or, maybe you are still so clueless at Week 12 of your project??? Whichever group you belong to, it is time we set the record straight for you!

Please read this Module Synopsis to gain a better idea of what the FYP is about.

“This third year module is an application-based/hands-on module which require the skills and knowledge gained from all previous diploma specific modules undertaken in Year 2 as well as concurrent modules undertaken in Year 3 at the School of Sports, Health and Leisure. It aims to further hone students’ acquired competencies in the applied settings relevant to the sporting, health and wellness, outdoor recreation, or leisure management industries. Students will be required to make use of relevant prior knowledge to solve particular issues within their diploma specific industries. This may include performing a research study, situational analysis, population survey, investigator observation or other methods of inquiry. Students will be assessed by the depth of their analysis of the problem via weekly logs of activity, a written report and an oral poster-presentation at the end of the project. The module aims to enable students to confidently design, implement and review projects in the sports, health and leisure industries, and to present the principal opportunity for students to pursue significant individual research activity. Moreover the module allows the student to display understanding of a specialized area of knowledge and expertise in the application of advanced research and project management skills.”

Quite a mouthful here, isn’t it? (Still confused?? Scared now? Confused and scared??)

To put it plainly, all of you will undertake a project that would require approximately 15 weeks (one semester) to complete – From literature review/evidence gathering to execution of project (data collection or event implementation) and finally to writing up a report that documents every step of your journey through the project. Oh, did I mention that this report is written as a formal document? Time to brush up on your writing skills and go find out how to reference according to the APA Format!

The best part of the FYP, some would argue is the Poster Presentation at the end of the semester where students come face to face with two assessors (there’s a reason why assessors are spelt this way). Students are given 10-15 minutes to present their projects- giving a background to the project right through to discussing the significance of the findings- in an intellectually engaging manner! This will be the best presentation you would ever give in your entire career as a student thus far so, relish every second of it!

Reading this blog may be the first step for some of you. For more information regarding the various steps of the process in FYP, please read the other pages! And stay tuned to this blog for any updates!

I hope that this blog has been helpful in introducing the module to you!

Best Wishes,


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